Money to make things happen

Rachel Pickering – Conservation Officer

We’ve been banging on about community grants over the last few weeks. But we’re not finished yet. 

Despite the challenging economic climate the National Park Authority is still really keen to continue to offer grants to the local community for special projects. The Authority’s own Community Grant fund is open for business again in 2014 and is available for a wide range of projects which benefit the local environment, cultural heritage and community facilities.

This is the second year of this particular fund. The fund picks up from the LEADER Boy photoSmall Scale Enhancements Scheme. We are looking for small scale projects within the North York Moors like the one in Hutton Buscel which involved improving their churchyard habitat for wildlife as well as educating young children from the school next door about their local bugs and beasties. The school used the adjacent churchyard as their outdoor classroom and the children loved getting hands on to make bug hotels and the like.

Last year the Community Grant funded 23 projects in all which totalled £58,000 of grant funding. We funded some really good projects including energy efficiency improvements for village halls to make them more sustainable, archiving of historic resources to make them more accessible, and the renovation of two war memorials to help conserve these esteemed features. One of our favourite projects was at Hutton Park near Guisborough where volunteers set themselves up as a new community group and began a tree replanting programme. The aim is to preserve the historic character of the parkland landscape at Hutton Lowcross, where many of the large old parkland trees have been lost over the years. Individual local provenance trees were planted and protected from cattle and wildlife (like deer) with tree guards and fencing.

Just a little bit of funding support can help community groups achieve great things that make a difference.

So if you are in the North York Moors and you have a project in mind that might fit the bill then please have a look at our Community Grant flier 2014 or on our website for more information and to access the simple application form.

Applications need to be in by 30 June 2014




Local grants: past and future – part 2

Following on from Clair’s last post…

All the funding through the current LEADER programme and the LEADER Small Scale Enhancement (SSE) Scheme in the North York Moors is now committed. Efforts towards securing another LEADER programme for the area from 2015 are underway.

But in the meantime the National Park Authority have new funding available through a Community Grant for 2013/14 . The previous post gives a few ideas of what was funded through SSE and these are the same sorts of things we’re looking to fund through this new grant.  Hopefully we can keep some of the momentum generated by the SSE going.

Up to £5,000 is available for small scale projects, put forward by local community groups in the National Park and aimed at habitat and wildlife enhancements, conserving cultural heritage and local history, or improving a community building.                        

Applications need to be in by the end of July. Successful projects need to be completed by the end of March 2014. Guidelines and an application form are available on the National Park Authority’s website. The application form is pretty simple, so it could be well worth the effort of applying.

Even relatively small sums of money, spread out amongst the communities of the National Park, can go a long way and make a difference for the better.