Catchment Trilogy – Part 3: wildlife wonderland

Alex Cripps – Catchment Partnership Officer

I’m the Catchment Partnership Officer for the Esk and Coastal Stream Catchment and I love rivers! A big part of my role is surveying along the River Esk and its tributaries. I get to meet lots of people including anglers, walkers and wildlife enthusiasts who are all passionate about their local river. I also work with local land managers in delivering habitat improvement works and small scale farm infrastructure works which benefit the river habitat and water quality, and ultimately the wildlife.

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to spend so much time by the river and it’s wonderful what wildlife you can see. I love being outdoors, so even after a full day at work I try to make time to take a walk along my own local river (the Rye). Although I often walk the same short stretch I usually see lots of different wildlife including birds, insects and mammals, and I love seeing the changes over the seasons.

These are some of my photos.

If you manage to get out to your local river this spring you’re bound to come across wildlife. In the Esk Catchment if you’re keen you could join our Adopt a Stream initiative and report in on what you see as an appointed Guardian of the Esk. Contact us to find out more.

Happy wildlife watching!

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