Landscape matters

David Renwick – Director of Conservation

It is my feeling that landscape is a construct of the interaction between the environment (in its broadest sense) and mankind’s influences, actions and emotions. But it’s more than the sum of its parts. Whilst people try to objectify it in formal models, disciplines and assessments, it is by its nature personal and impossible to precisely pin down in any scientific sense, as different people value things in totally different ways for a myriad of reasons! Despite that it’s important that we do try to do so, that we make a reasoned judgement and that we make an effort to be robust and consistent in how we consider it. After all, conserving and enhancing landscape quality and character is central to our National Park purposes and their delivery – looking after the special qualities of the North York Moors and allowing people to enjoy them is our challenge but it’s not one for us alone. It’s a team effort which many people, organisations and communities contribute to!

Here’s a few pictures that show what it’s about…




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