Monument to entrepreneurship

Andrew Sutcliffe – Kildale Estate and member of the This Exploited Land Executive Group

As the representative landowner on the Executive Committee for the HLF Landscape Partnership known as This Exploited Land, I greatly welcome this once in a lifetime opportunity to safeguard the increasingly fragile remains of the ironstone and railway industries which prospered in the the North York Moors for 100 years.

One of the key identified ironstone mining sites is on Warren Moor in Kildale.

Warren Moor Chimney in the landscape - NYMNPAThe funding available through this programme will help us to restore the site and make it accessible for people to look at, as they pass by on their walk across Warren Moor to Baysdale and Westerdale. I think my great-great-grandfather hoped to make his fortune with the royalties he would get from Warren mine. Sadly that was not to be. The ironstone extracted was below par and the mine closed after only a few years of operation. But the chimney and its two shafts remain a testament to those indomitable Victorian entrepreneurs who made Britain great and their restoration through This Exploited Land will enable this site to be admired by future generations.

Kildale Landscape - NYMNPA

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