Down below

Entrance to Windypit - NYMNPAA Friday or so ago a couple of the younger and more flexible members of National Park staff (Emily and Jo) joined an expedition down a windypit in the south west corner of the North York Moors.

To find out what happened next, and to discover what a windypit actually is – have a look at this account by Nick from the Ryedale Natural History Society, who went too.

Looking back up out of windypit - NYMNPAInside the windypit entrance - NYMNPA








Emily (I think) inside the windypit - NYMNPAGoing further and further in... - NYMNPA 








Like Nick says, the windypits are incredibly important as unusual geological features (a number are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest), as intriguing archaeological sites, and as valuable habitat for swarming/roosting bats.

For additional information see the York Caving Club’s website.

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