A LEADER update – and another Top Five

Jo Collins – LEADER Programme Officer

Our local LEADER Programme (North York Moors, Coast and Hills) has supported more than 300 projects in our area during the last five years. A huge range of projects have received support – far too many to mention them all!

The current Programme is due to finish this December and so many of the projects are now celebrating completion, including these three below:

Knayton cum Brawith Parish Caretaker (grant of £1,850) – A dedicated caretaker to maintain pathways and street furniture, collected litter, and kept drains clear in Knayton-cum-Brawith. The project had such a positive impact on the village that the local community have given it their support to continue into the future once LEADER funding finished, and it will now be funded by the Parish Council.

Renewable Energy (grant of £19,950) – Husthwaite’s new village hall will be heated and supplied with water using environmentally friendly technology; a rainwater harvesting system, an air source heat pump, and extra ceiling insulation. It is hoped that this sustainable approach will mean that the community can use the hall in comfort for many years to come.

Access for All (grant of £17,522) – A new entrance hallway at Charltons Village Hall has enabled the community to make use of both of its rooms simultaneously!  Activities on offer include psychic evenings in this reportedly haunted building . . .


Check out our Top Five Wildlife Projects and discover some of the fabulous ventures given LEADER support including rare species brought back from the brink, parasite resistant honey bees given a helping hand, and valuable habitats created and restored.

For more information about this LEADER Programme and the full range of projects supported have a look at our website.

Help! Although this LEADER Programme will finish in December 2013 and all funds are already allocated to projects, we are hoping to have a new Programme starting in 2015; watch this space for opportunities to help shape our future Programme next year . . . you could always join our Local Action Group in the meantime.

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