Arable glory

Rona Charles – Senior Ecology Officer

The North York Moors may not be well known for its arable land, but we have much more of this than most National Parks and it can be a very valuable wildlife habitat.  Several of the recent starters in the Conservation Department were recently shown some of the potential value of arable land to encourage rare arable plants. They visited a farm at Potter Brompton, a bit outside the National Park boundary but one of the key farms in the Cornfield Flowers Project. This farm is in a national agri environment scheme – Higher Level Scheme (HLS) – and we saw several spectacular examples of where arable flower populations are burgeoning with the help of a variety of HLS options. Not everything was going precisely according to plan, of course, and there were interesting discussions on how to accommodate the scheme’s requirements with sometimes fickle wildlife!

Kirsty and Alex took some fantastic photos.

CFF - the Team 2

CFF - miscellanyCFF - Cornflowers along the field edgeCFF - CornflowerCFF - Poppies along the field edge

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