Listening to the tweeting

Alex Cripps – Conservation Graduate Trainee

Up very bright and early a week or so back, the Ecology Team and I carried out our first 2013 bird survey on a one kilometre square on Fylingdales Moor. We recorded all the birds we could see or hear (including curlew, kestrel, linnet, red grouse, skylark, willow warbler, yellowhammer and many meadow pipits), and I will be repeating the survey in the next few weeks to provide a fuller picture of what birds are using the Moor this year.

The results go to Dr John Edwards of the Hawk and Owl Trust who compiles an annual report looking at the numbers of different bird species present on this Moor which the Trust manage on behalf of the owner. This is the 9th year of the survey and it is a valuable piece of research helping to provide information about possible changes in the Fylingdales Moor bird populations. The Trust can use any evidence of detrimental trends to try and adjust their management if that could help.

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