The Drovers’ Road – brought to life again

Clair Shields – LEADER Small Scale Enhancements Co-ordinator

Jointly funded through the SSE Scheme (which I coordinate) and the Lime & Ice Project, there is a current scheme which is aiming to engage local people in celebrating and interpreting the National Park’s natural and cultural heritage by the creation of a community play about the Drovers’ Road. The Drovers’ Road is an historic route running along the western escarpment of the North York Moors which was used by Scottish drovers bringing down their cattle from the north as far south as London for sale, during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The project involves young people working with professionals and culminates in the production of the play, featuring performers of all ages from the local area.1

Public auditions have taken place resulting in a chosen cast of 42 people and 1 Old English sheepdog! The final script is coming together nicely and the students from Ryedale School have finished their workshops with the playwright.2

The 50 minute play will be performed on Friday 21 June and on Saturday 22 June at the Helmsley Arts Centre.

If you want to act out being a Drover yourself – there is an organised walk taking place on 4 September. I’m not sure if there are actual livestock involved.

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