New Roles in the Conservation Department – part 2

Alex Cripps – Conservation Graduate Trainee

My main role is to help roll out the connectivity project on the ground, working closely with Ami Walker, our Conservation Land Management Adviser.

The connectivity project is part of the Authority’s new Management Plan which aims to create super highways for wildlife. Super highways are important for all kinds of plants and animals, such as the rare Duke of Burgundy butterfly, lizards and water voles. They are patches, strips and corridors of good habitat that join up our most wildlife-rich gems, so that all species can spread and cope better with whatever challenges they may face in future, particularly adapting to the effects of a changing climate

Alongside the connectivity work I will be taking on various projects including the Rosedale wild daffodil survey, the Fylingdales Moor Bird Survey and the Levisham Botanical Survey.

Rosedale’s wild daffodils

Wild daffodils in Rosedale

Wild daffodils in Rosedale

We all know about the wild Farndale daffodils in the National Park but did you know there is also an impressive display of wild daffodils in Rosedale? The Narcissus pseudonarcissus is extremely important as it is the only wild daffodil species native to Britain.

The Rosedale wild daffodils are just about to flower creating a spectacular spring display (yes it won’t have escaped anyone’s notice that they’re late here and in Farndale too!). The main aim of our first survey is to establish just how big the Rosedale daffodil population is. This year we’ll focus on mapping the wild daffodils and establishing areas for fixed point photographs to be taken each year, so that the population can be monitored over time.

If you are out walking in Rosedale over the next month or so, are a keen photographer or a Rosedale resident with wild daffodils on your land and you’d like to get involved in helping us survey the Rosedale daffodil population this year, please do get in contact with me by email or telephone 01439 772700.

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