New Roles in the Conservation Department – part 1

We’ve had a couple of new starters in the Conservation Department recently and here’s a brief introduction to what they are going to get up to.

Kirsty Brown – Conservation Project Assistant

Since early February, I have been out on site to gain a better understanding of work across the North York Moors National Park, including:

  • Path works on the Rail Trail, a popular walk along the route of George Stephenson’s original railway line of 1836, and conservation of the Wheeldale Roman Road, both near Goathland
  • Listed buildings in Staithes and planning applications such as a new spa for a hotel
  • Practical conservation work including building a tree nursery area and gorse removal from a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • Collaboration with Pond Conservation possibilities on the river Rye
  • And the pearl mussel conservation project along the river Esk.

With some MapInfo training, I am currently inputting the boundary information from the 2012/2013 Upland Management Scheme (UMS) agreements. To aid me with the roll-out of the new Traditional Boundary Scheme (hedgerows and dry stone walls) which is replacing the UMS, I’ve been shadowing Ami, our Conservation Land Management Advisor, on farm visits to assess new walls and hedges, and work through the end of the process for the current Upland Management and Farm Scheme documentation.

Discussing these current schemes along with the National Park Authority grant delivery review with Rebecca, the Conservation Projects Officer, has given me the background to develop new forms and work on an efficient process to deliver the new Traditional Boundary Scheme.

Rebecca and I also attended the Farming Advice Service Adviser Workshop at Askham Bryan College in February which provided a very useful update and overview of CAP reform, Cross Compliance, the Water Framework Directive and grants for farmers, further adding to our ability to assist and advise landowners in the National Park.

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